Deluxe Avocado Toast

Deluxe Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast is such a simple and satisfying meal. It's easy to make and quick when we're in a pinch to eat something without much thought. 

Here are some ideas of how to make your avocado toast deluxe:

Add an egg, fried how you like! 

Top your avocado toast with a drizzle of honey and red chilli pepper flakes

Add some grated or soft cheese, flavoured or plain. 

Flavoured olive oil or salt (truffle salt is divine and a must try!)

Chopped tomato and basil for extra freshness 

Top with microgreens or shoots, of course! Any of the microgreens we grow will compliment your avocado toast, but a Micro YYC team favourite is Farmer's Choice Mix! 

Share your favourite avocado toast toppings with us! @microyyc on instagram